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    Farooq Farrukh Awan
    Farooq Farrukh Awan
    United Arab Emirates
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    Also known asFarooq Awan, Farrukh Awan, Malik Farooq
    LocalityUnited Arab Emirates
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    Just looking around
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    I remember very well, when I was eight year old, I was playing in the compound of my house, my father was sitting at a wooden chair & he was reading news paper, he was loved to read urdu news paper "DAILY MASHRIQ & DAILY AMROZ". These were two...
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  • Professional Experience
    1999 - Present
    Consumer Rights.
    2001 - 2006
    Xianle Health Products (XL) is a China Base Co. Xl have it's own Marketing Plan.
    1999 - 2001
    Senior Journalist Shorish Malik was Editor in those days. He was extremely loved with my work. He was talk with me very frankly. Before his Death, when I was standing out side of his office & I was talking with a camera man Majid Khan. He came out from his office & ask me last words in Punjabi... "Malik. Bar Qun Khalota han... Andar Warh".... !!!
    1997 - 2000
    Senior Journalist, Writer & Columnist Abdul Jabbar Mirza was Editor, Ch Tasadiq was Chief Editor, Mr Yousaf & Fiaz Wallana was News Editor in those days. Editor Abdul Jabbar Mirza always given me appreciation & respect. He extremely loved with my work. I really enjoyed a lot his kindness !!
    1997 - 2000
    Established in 1986. Foundation is a Civil Society, Organisation committed to work for women's empowerment & citizens participation in governance for creating a socially just, democratic & humane society in Pakistan.
    1996 - 1997
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    Political Cartoonist at News Papers & TV.Cartoonist, Illustrator, Voice Actor, Writer, Creator, Character Designer.
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    Cartooning, Character Designing, Political Cartooning, Caricature, Animation, Comics, Commercial, Graphics, Voice Acting, Architecture, Designing.
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