• Biography
    Father, Husband, Financial Mentor, Author, Lecturer, Business Owner, Debt Education specialist
  • Professional Experience
    2009 - Present
    An investor representative on the board of this exciting Arterial Closure medical device company.
    2006 - Present
    When I incorporated the business in 2006, it was to change how business owners experienced financial services. As a business owner, investor, accountant and financial mentor, people need to know that anyone advising them appreciates their perspective.All of our financial mentoring is driven by experience as opposed to theory. Coupled with our desire to drive smart thinking and accountable results, we are at the forefront of how financial services needs to be delivered to business owners.
    N/A - Present
    2003 - 2004
    Headed up a new mezzanine finance division providing finance within the hospitality industry throughout europe
    Manage the North East region working with clients to help them achieve Financial freedom.

    We are the only complete integrated wealth management company in Ireland
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  • Educational Background
  • Professional Skills
    Business owner and financial mentor
    QFA qualification MBA completed in 2003 from Henley Management CollegeACCA completed in 1995
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  • Interests
    Creating great solutions
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