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    Lauriane Guigui
    Lauriane Guigui
    Consumer Marketing Manager at Philips AVENT
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    Experienced product manager for international premium consumer brands.Highly creative approach with unusual attention to detail.Rapid reasonning and problem solving skills.Exceptional planning and organisational ability, with strong numerical skills.
  • Professional Experience
    04/2012 - Present
    Consumer Marketing Manager - Philips AVENTMother and child care - Baby bottle portfolio
    03/2010 - 03/2012
    Philips AVENT is a leader in parenting and baby products with a large product range including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding, baby monitors and newborn gifts. Responsibilities ? Develop and manage the Baby Sets range: - Performance review of current sets and recommendation - Content and on-pack communication management - Manage launches and SKU rationalisation projects - Manage revamping of the UK range. ? Create and manage online product information assets and marketing communication materials. ? Create category reports: sales analysis, competition analysis, focus group observation? ? Manage product and packaging changes whilst liaising with other relevant departments. ? Run small life cycle management projects. ? Provide ongoing support and assistance to the Global and UK team.
    01/2009 - 12/2009
    Ella Baché has an extensive range of skincare products available in over forty countries worldwide. The brand consists of professional and retail products being sold mostly in beauty salons. Responsibilities•Assistance in every development stages of new and existing product ranges•Elaboration of marketing materials (POS, print and PR packages, product launch presentations, sales aids...)•Packaging creation and changes, liaised with design and translation agencies.•Feedback on product’s fragrance, texture and efficiency to R&D.•Category reports creation: Market researches/competition analysis, product briefs…•Promotional plan development: mechanics recommendation, profitability calculation, purchase orders elaboration, sales presentations production, POS creation.
    07/2008 - 12/2008
    MindWeavers is a spin out company from the University of Oxford which produces innovative softwares that altersbrain function. Products are only available online.Responsibilities•Implementation of the marketing strategy and plan •Web-based marketing & maintenance •Creation of marketing collateralsAchievements•Optimised website visibility by using efficiently Google Adwords. The website was not visible enough on the Internet and needed a stronger presence.•Improved both content and quality of website by creating banners and explanatory graphic of the software. The website was not user-friendly enough and contained too much text.
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  • Professional Skills
    Market Analysis
    Product Marketing
    Brand Management
    Google Adwords
    Marketing Communications
    Analytical Skills
    ?Problem-solving and result oriented?Strong mix of creative skills and attention to detail?Planning, organisation, analytical skills?Ability to communicate and build relationships at all levels within an organisation?Practical experience supported by Excellent education: MSc?Languages (fluent: English, French, Spanish)?FMCG marketing background?IT skills: Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, SAP, Google Adword
    Microsoft Office
    International Marketing
    Customer Insight
    IT skills
    Marketing Research
    Project Planning
    Marketing Management
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