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Ingemar Pongratz

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  • CEO & Founder at Fenix Scientific AB
  • Stockholm University
  • Stockholm, Sweden
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    Ingemar Pongratz, Ph D is a researcher w inith extensive experience molecular biology, molecular nutrition and molecular toxicology. Ingemar Pongratz has worked since 1990 with characterization of the molecular activation mechanism of the aryl...
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  • Professional Experience

    2011 - Present
    Planing and preparation of EU project proposalsOver 50 M EUR successful projectsConsultancy services in the area of cellular signaling, environmental pollution and chemical contaminantsCommunication and dissemination activities
    2011 - Present

    Ingemar Pongratz has extensive experience of EU project development, project coordination and EU Communication. Past succesful EU funded include FP6 instruments such as STREPS, Integrated projects and Network of Excellence, FP7 collaborative projects also Marie Curie networks.
    All projects included consortia development, proposal administration and planning, negotiation, coordination, planning of communication activities within the consortium and with project stakeholders. Ingemar Pongratz has successfully attracted over 50 MEUR worth of EU funding to different organizations
    Ingemar has a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology and has provided seminal research findings in molecular toxicology.

    Future activities include Horizon 2020 training workshops (in collaboration with Rita Hauessler from Eurida Research Management) and partner finding activities for several customers

    1989 - 2012
    Research | Stockholm, Sweden | 1001-5000
    Group Leader of a research and management team
    2008 - 2011
    EU funded Marie Curie project
    1989 - 2011
    Research | Stockholm, Sweden | 1001-5000
    Research in endocrinology and toxicology
    2009 - 2010
    Marie Curie Post-doctoral programme
    2004 - 2010
    Vice-Coordinator with overall responsability of practical and strategic planning
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  • Professional Skills

    Western Blotting
    Coordinating Events
    Cell Biology
    Drug Discovery
    Project Coordination
    Problem Solving
    Project Planning
    Cell Culture
    Start-up Consulting
    Team Leadership
    Technology Transfer
    EU funding
    Life Sciences
    Proposal Writing
    International Project Management
    Innovation Management
    Molecular Biology
  • Educational Background

    1987 - 1989

    N/A - 1986

    Stockholm, Sweden


    Stockholm, Sweden



    Quito, Ecuador


    Quito, Ecuador

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  • Interests

    Project management, Project Administration, Communication
    EU funding
  • Milestones

    Communication Star Prize 2011

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