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    Alfonso Alcala
    Alfonso Alcala
    Interactive Web Marketing Director with expertise in Acquisition Marketing | Open to New Opportunities | LION
    Greater Los Angeles
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    Also known asAlcalaAlfonso
    LocationGreater Los Angeles
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    Senior level Marketing professional with a specializaiton in interactive web marketing strategies, social media, and SEO/SEM; results oriented.
  • Professional Experience
    01/2011 - 06/2012
    Drive company interactive web marketing strategies and tactics to meet business objectives; spearheaded Acquisition Marketing and Social Media strategies to drive sales objectives.? Developed/implemented web channel marketing and online strategies including eMail, Social Media, PR and SEO / SEM for B2B / B2C and field marketing. Also worked with internal teams to automate internal CRM processes.
    06/2009 - 12/2010
    ? Drive marketing strategies and programs providing business / marketing services and finance acquisition services to mid-market companies.
    06/2008 - 03/2009
    ? Drive interactive web marketing customer acquisition marketing strategies to convert web marketing into major business driver, and managed user advocacy/advisory programs.? Spearheaded web channel marketing campaigns (eMail, Online Public Relations, and Social Media).? Drive implementation of web technologies and internet tools including CMS, website analytics, SEO / SEM research and eMail marketing solution to attain better measurements and ROI on web marketing efforts.
    12/2002 - 11/2007
    ? Drove Interactive Web Marketing strategies resulting in more effective use of web marketing strategies, tactics , and technologies in support of Healthcare Professional (HCP) including KOL Mangement, Advisory Boards, CME, and Speaker?s Bureau; Direct to Patients (DTP) programs including Patient Support and Advocacy Programs as well as field marketing support for sales staff.
    03/2001 - 12/2001
    ? Developed overall Partner Strategy Plan and prioritized strategic plan to obtain potential business partners as well as negotiated initial partnerships, resulting in successful deployment of partnership deals. Owned all client relationships and solutions implementations efforts.? Conducted market research to refocus company sales and marketing efforts in new vertical markets - resulting in improved ROI.? Drove company, B2B product and partner marketing communications.
    02/2000 - 03/2001
    ? Established professional services as new revenue stream and drove B2B revenue increase by 41%. Worked closely with sales and marketing to help close sales.? Streamlined product development by driving the collection of client input into the product development process, resulting in improved product functionality. ? Developed Rapid Deployment Methodology, resulting in 52% efficiency in software deployment projects.
    01/1999 - 02/2000
    ? Developed the company?s B2B E-Procurement Deployment Methodology with client deliverables resulting in faster and predictable client deployments. ? Managed the company?s first E-Procurement implementation resulting in successful project completion one month ahead of schedule. Project served asbenchmark for all future E-Procurement projects for firm. ? Project advisor to a special study of the E-Procurement marketplace. The study became effective in guiding solution selection teams and positioning the firm as a thought-leader in the E-Procurement space.
    03/1997 - 01/1999
    ? Launched Y2K Program Office that was behind in its Y2K efforts. Established policies/procedures and led cross-functional global project. Produced deliverables in record time, allowing Division get back on track. ? Led project team to implement B2B e-procurement solution realizing a multi-million dollar annual cost savings.
    01/1994 - 03/1997
    ? Represented client billing organization during new product launches. ? Managed enhancements to complex billing systems to ensure successful implementation and deployment of projects.
    Independent consultant for large telecommunications company.
    •Launched the Y2K Program Office for a division of Lucent Technologies that was behind in its Y2K efforts. Established policies/procedures and led this $10 million cross-functional project involving over 100 team members worldwide during the Planning, Inventory and Assessment phases. This project produced all deliverables in record time and allowed the Division to catch up in the Y2K efforts of Lucent Corporate Y2K efforts.
    •Led project using in-house developers to implement the new e-procurement solution realizing a multi-million dollar annual cost savings.
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  • Professional Skills
    Vendor Management
    Online Marketing
    Social Media
    Marketing Strategy
    Partner Relationship Management
    Web Strategy
    Marketing Management
    Website Development
    Web Technology
    Direct Marketing
    User Experience
    Program Management
    Email Marketing
    Social Networking
    Social Media Marketing
    CRM Strategies
    Acquisition Marketing
    Retention Marketing
    Strategic Planning
    Partner Relations
    Google Analytics
    Market Research
    Marketing Research
    Content Management
    Web Analytics
    Online Advertising
    Web Marketing
    Team Building
    Engagement Management
    Strategic Partnerships
    Public Relations
    Digital Strategy
    Web Development
    Web Marketing, E-Commerce/E-Business, Product/Design Development, Web Content Management, Program/Project Management, Strategic Planning, eStrategy, Project Office Development/Management, Partner Relations, SEO/SEM
    Digital Media
    Web Content Management
    Strategy Development
    Competitive Analysis
    Web Project Management
    Lead Generation
    Interactive Marketing
    Demand Generation
    Digital Marketing
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    Web Marketing, Social Media, Windsurfing, tennis, golfInteractive Web Marketing Director Specializing in:Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Web Development, Web Strategy, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, Acquisition Marketing, Retention Marketing, Program Management, Partner Relationship Management, Web Analytics, Web Technology, Public Relations, Vendor Management, Email Marketing, CRM Strategies, Engagement Management, E-commerce, E-business, Online Marketing, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Web Content Management, Partner Relations, Social Media, Management Consulting, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, PPC, Online Advertising, Google Analytics, Start-ups, Analytics, Lead Generation, Social Networking, Website Development, Web Project Management, Competitive Analysis, Direct Marketing, Digital Media, Google Adwords, Strategic Partnerships, User Experience, Interactive Marketing, Team Building, Strategy Development, B2B
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