• General Summary
    Brendan Humphrey
    Brendan Humphrey
    New Zealand
    Confirmed Profile
    Date of birth22 September 1967
    Place of birthAuckland
    LocationNew Zealand
    Professional Status
    Listening for opportunities
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  • Biography
    FBC TRADE AB trading as carbonengagebrendan.humphrey@carbonengage.com - C.E.O and Chairmanulf.kullenius@carbonengage.com - C.O.Oroger.bohlin@carbonengage.com - Legal & Compliance DirectorSweden Registered 556799-8470VAT SE556799847001FBC TRADE AB...
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  • Professional Experience
    09/2008 - Present
    We guarantee that all suppliers and buyers are genuine and the products are of the highest world standard at the most competitive prices.We act as facilitators mandates introducing REAL Buyers to REAL Sellers. We are confident you will find us to be an excellent partner in trading with professionalism, experience and integrity. Most importantly we can connect you to genuine Sellers and/or Buyers who can really make it happen for you. Many deals can falter through poor service and lack of supply and costyou a fortune in wasted time and loss of contracts. Dealing with experienced operators is a short-cut to success.The commodity trading industry is also complicated because of fluctuating demand and supply shortages for certain products seasonally and from time to time. We have approached this problem from a long term prospective and have therefore sought and acquired supply sources that are reputable and stable.We will be, with discretion, your long term single point of project leadership and your proven international trading partner with: REAL Sellers REAL Buyers REAL Supply Chain Management REAL Competitive prices REAL ResultsDealing with experienced operators is a short-cut to success – consider why our trusted assertive unique selling proposals, or as our loyal repeat customers, say our credo, as below. No intermediaries between sellers and buyers All transactions are bank to bank. No payments before goods has been loaded on buyer’s ship
    01/1998 - 01/2008
    Launched and led the UK’s 1st and leading pet and home care services management franchise.Built, led and empowered a proactive leadership team, management structure including all systems and operational procedures. Continually improved the organisational and operational capability and success of Petpals that I co-founded in 1998. Including growing sales revenue, margins, profitability, client and brand and franchisee loyalty.Managing Director of the UK’s first and leading franchised pet, home care and pet products and accessories, services management brand. Achieving coverage of company on National and regional TV and radio including global coverage at Crufts for 3 years and the BBC Radio 4 Money Programme.
    01/1995 - 01/1998
    Exit by sale of shareholding in this dynamic and leading commercial interiors,retail and facilities management consultancy.
    01/1991 - 01/1995
    One of the UK's leading commercial & retail developers and contractors. Launched Superflicks and sold to Blockbusters, launched Link51 shelving and sold to B&Q via Kingfisher Group.
    01/1989 - 01/1991
    Still one of the UK's leading aged care and hospital developers www.careuk.com/content/our_historyExit by forced redundancy.Winner or Design and Project Management Award for Ringwood - Hampshire Development http://www.housingcare.org/housing-care/facility-info-15727-cottage-mews-ringwood-england.aspx
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  • Professional Skills
    Business Strategy
    Government Relations
    Export Development
    Financial Management
    Sales Management
    Investment Properties
    Contract Negotiation
    International Business
    Six Sigma
    Team Building
    Business Planning
    Franchise Management Lifecycle
    Investment Strategies
    Project Portfolio Management
    International Sales
    Project Finance
    Expert Witness
    Cloud Computing
    Land Development
    Team Management
    Real Estate Development
    Property Development
    Space Planning
    Social Media for Business
    International Trade
    Joint Ventures
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  • Interests
    Walking, tennis, swimming, BSAC sports diver, skiing, chess and paragliding.
    Honest, simple living always
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