• Biography
    Kurt Penberg is the President of Kid's Jukebox Inc. Kurt penberg given happiness to lot of kids and their parents with his superiority kid’s products. He offered personalized music CD’s and most adapted e-books to children’s for their perfect gift...
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  • Professional Experience
    2003 - Present

    Kurt Penberg founded Kids Juke box as a small corporation in San Diego, California that had a majestic idea. The thought was to design, expand and execute a business that would allow individuals to advertise and promote modified kids stuffs in any given market

    2003 - Present
    Kurt Penberg present kids juke box. It helps your kids grown as intelligent both physically and mentally. Your kids start exploring the world from the starting days itself.
    2000 - Present
  • Educational Background
    1980 - 1985
  • Professional Skills
    Business development
    Kids products development
    Web design
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  • Interests
    personalised products
    Music CD's
    kids gifts
    music for kids
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