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    A.S. Oberoi
    A.S. Oberoi
    Chief Executive Officer and Founder at O.S. Global Solutions LLC
    San Francisco Bay
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    Also known asasoberoi
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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    03/2010 - Present

    Focusing on the global electricity market of >$3 trillion per year, launched in 2010, O.S. Global Solutions ("OSGS") is a provider of path-breaking green energy technologies from the United States to developing nations globally. Our business interests are in renewable energy and eco-friendly green technologies that harness the power of many sources of energy including Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, and Fuel-Cells.

    04/2008 - 04/2010
    Management Consulting Firm with focus on Business Development, Sales and Channel Development within leading/emerging growth organizations and venture-backed startups in Technology, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy markets. Additionally, Oberoi Enterprises provided companies with market intelligence and crafted GTM/RTM strategies/plans focusing on South Asia (India) and Asia-Pacific regions. Clients included high profile US energy companies looking to accelerate/understand entry into India. Project:• Created a business strategy and launched operations for a leading green start-up that provided clean energy technologies and solutions to the marketplace.• Raised seed capital and merged Company with O.S. Global Solutions.
    01/2006 - 01/2008
    Head of Channel Sales chartered to lead efforts on $240 million+ OEM business inside of world’s two leading blade server vendors IBM and H-P, and their global blade server ISV partners in the United States.• Responsible for launching channel program, development of sales strategy, and market expansion in the United States that has yielded a fivefold increase in Channel Sales revenues over a four year period (2006-2010).− P&L management responsibility of $70 million annually, product strategy and portfolio management on IBM and H-P collectively.− Qualified and transacted strategic partnerships at the U.S. and global level for BNT-primed engagements requiring complex blade-switching architectures, and risk-sharing commercial models that led to market differentiated solutions for both Enterprise and Service Provider segments in data center/cloud, collaboration, networking and video.− On September 27, 2010, BLADE Network Technologies was acquired by IBM Corporation for $400 million.
    05/2000 - 11/2005

    CenturyLink, Inc./Qwest Communications International is Fortune 197 and U.S. 3rd largest multimedia and communications company with $22 billion in annual revenues encompassing 35,000 employees. P&L module management of approx. $20 million+ annually.

    01/1998 - 01/2000
    Internet Commerce Innovations, LLC was a boutique technology firm providing world-class custom website design, IT programming, e-commerce and strategic consulting services for clients worldwide. • Partnered with Founder/CEO to launch technology start-up. Responsibilities included forging Content & Technology Alliances and productizing B2B/B2C e-commerce services for Enterprise & SME businesses. • Laid foundation for exit strategy. Business was successfully acquired.
    01/1997 - 01/1998
    Practical Technology, Inc. is a leading provider in thin computing for various industries. Practical Technology and its partners deliver the hardware, infrastructure software, and services that comprise thin computing, allowing people to access the information they need using the applications they want, but with better security, manageability, and at a much lower total cost of ownership than a PC. • Recruiter by CEO. Conceptualized the idea of “Business Executive Internet Suites”, wrote and executed business plan, and launched nationwide program for the Hospitality Market. • Founded business unit as its first General Manager to position company in the U.S. hospitality marketplace and won top business alliances to support rapid growth.
    01/1997 - 12/1997
    Hotelsupplies.com, LLC (“HSC”) was a leading Internet based commerce service for supply purchases within hospitality industry. HSC was a subsidiary of IBOS Inc. (Internet Bidding Operating Software) – a worldwide leading provider of eCommerce platform services. Our web property was dubbed “Yahoo for the hospitality industry.” • Invented industry’s first “blue-print”, an e-procurement technology platform (e-commerce engine) for hospitality services and co-founded Hotelsupplies.com with two partners. − Raised $2 million in private capital to launch a SaaS Web property that became a pioneer and leading Internet based eCommerce service for supply purchases in the hospitality industry.− Established key alliances and partnered with Choice Hotels International, Marriott International, Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) – as well as top F500 U.S. Hotel chains and Hospitality Supply vendors.− Led exit strategy to position company for acquisition by Industry leader. Later, HSC was acquired by Choice Hotels International.
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  • Professional Skills
    Managed Services
    Global Business Development
    Thought Leadership
    Energy Efficiency
    Corporate Development
    Strategic Technology Planning
    Power Generation
    Network Virtualization
    Data Center
    Renewable Energy
    Mobile Applications
    Strategic Partnerships
    Product Marketing
    Wind Power
    New Business Development
    Landfill Gas
    Network Infrastructure
    Datacenter Virtualization
    Business Strategy
    Sales Management
    Product Management
    Go-to-market Strategy
    Contract Negotiation
    Mobile Devices
    Solution Selling
    Solar Energy
    Fuel Cells
    Social Entrepreneurship
    Cloud Computing
    Global Channel Development
    • Business Development Strategies & Execution • C-level Sales & Marketing Management • Channel Partner Development & Management • Product Positioning & Strategic Marketing • Startup, Turnaround, & Growth Management • P&L / Budget Management & Revenue Generation • Contract Negotiations & Client Relationship Management • Customer Acquisition & Customer Wins • Double Digit Profit Delivery & Growth • International Business Development • Team Building / Leadership
    Distributed Generation
    Unified Communications
    Strategic Planning
    Blade Technology
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