• General Summary
    Adelino Nakano
    Adelino Nakano
    Applied Research Manager at Symrise
    São Paulo, Brazil
    LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
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  • Professional Experience
    04/2010 - Present
    Responsible for the technical services in application technologies for cosmetics, household and fine fragrances in Latam.
    04/2009 - Present
    Responsible for technical strategies to improve the professional capacitation in cosmetics and related areas.
    07/2006 - 07/2009
    The main responsibilities are the regional technical interface with clients according to VBM for formulation development projects, mainly in sun and hair care. Also, technical coordination of key-accounts and developed application projects with internal/external collaboration from selected products of company?s portfolio. Main regional technical-scientific representative for global development projects.
    04/2007 - 03/2009
    Responsible for financial administration of the entity.
    10/2004 - 07/2006
    The main responsibilities were negotiation of multidisciplinary agreements involving research institutes, academic entities, and third party partner to perform research projects. Elaboration of development projects ?in-company?, aiming acquisition of technologies and validation of new assay methods. Perform research, development and validation of new methodologies and technologies for evaluation of cosmetic performance.
    07/2002 - 10/2004
    The main responsibilities were the assurance of protocol adherence according to SOPs and Guidelines through internal monitoring and adequate training of the team. Responsible of making collaboration agreements between universities, research institutes, third party partners and the EVIC laboratory. Constant communication with Project Sponsor discussing updates of the project.
    04/2000 - 07/2002
    Responsible for planning and structuring the EVIC testing lab in safety and efficacy assessments of cosmetic products.
    08/1998 - 12/1999
    Main responsibilities were the development of new techniques for physico-chemical and biophysical characterization of cosmetic products for Claim Support. Application of standard techniques like TEWL, CW, cutometry, measurement of in vitro SPF, physico-chemical analysis of emulsions, mechanical properties of hair fibers and hair photodegradation.
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  • Educational Background
    2002 - 2006

    Atividades e grupos: Research Title: "Comparison of Damages Induced in Three Types of Hair by Different Treatments" Professor Ines Joekes

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  • Professional Skills
    Implementation of test methods, cooperation projects between organizations, technical marketing communication.
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  • Milestones

    Lavoisier Prize - Issued by the Regional Council of Chemistry

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