• Biography
    Brand & Category Buying- Experience in handling Liquor , Food , Toys , Leather Category. Negotiations with Major Regional & International suppliers eg: Diageo , Master foods, Kraft Foods , Pernod Ricard etc Local & International Procurement - eg :...
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  • Professional Experience
    2002 - Present
    Job involves procurement of categories contributing in excess of 250 Million US$ to the sales of Dubai Duty Free. The routine part of the job is Product selection , Product and Category planning , Range Review and Category Management , Negotiation and Analysis as well as Merchnadise and display planning.
  • Educational Background
    2001 - 2005

    Extra-activity: Member of Economic Forum - Thesis on U.A.E Economy Member of Service Orientation Team (Improving Service in Hospitality industry) Member of Skyline Alumni

  • Professional Skills
    Purchasing in Travel Retail Industy - Food , Beverage & Toys.
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