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    Amber Singleton
    Amber Singleton
    Director of Fine Arts at The Weber School
    Greater Atlanta
    LocalityGreater Atlanta
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    2008 - Present
    •Designed, implemented and assessed age appropriate instruction for gifted students from grades 7 through 8.•Directed student development of skills, knowledge and appreciation of digital photography, graphic arts, and philosophy for grades 7 and 8.•Prepared reports and formal assessments of student progress.
    2004 - Present
    •Instructed student development of skills, knowledge and appreciation of visual arts through Art Foundations, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, and Sculpture.•Integrated art criticism, art theory and philosophy into visual arts curriculum.•Designed and implemented age appropriate instruction for grades 6 through 12.•Assessed student project outcomes both formally and informally.•Foster meaningful relationships between students, parents and colleagues in order to achieve a creative and cooperative environment.•Guided students as team moderator regarding academic and social responsibilities.•Integrated technology in the art classroom.•Enhanced student academic growth through multiple instructional strategies.•Provided leadership and guidance for class groups in community service.•Coordinated and manage budget and inventory for Art Department.•Developed summer arts program for high school level students.
    2000 - 2003
    •Planned and facilitated over 20 special events annually and reached over 2000 clients.•Managed alternative transportation program assistance for over 85 companies.•Established relationships with executives at over 100 companies.•Developed and executed presentations to business leaders and their employees.•Coordinated and designed marketing and promotional materials.•Provided support for grant writing processes.•Participated in a strategic arts planning process.•Managed various business and educational events.
    1999 - 2000
    •Managed and a yearly budget of 100K.•Facilitated over 5 events annually.•Directed fundraising committee in annual campaign process.•Developed and implemented educational programs, teacher workshops and activities.•Recruited and trained artists, historians, teachers and volunteers.•Planned and coordinated marketing projects and public relations strategies.
    1996 - 1999
    •Served as secretary of the Board of Historic Architectural Review.•Maintained community development grant (CDBG) process of over 1.5M.•Provided instructional programming, certified housing counseling and loan processing.•Functioned as liaison between local and state agencies.•Researched and published housing education materials.•Served on Neighborhood Matching Grants Team.
    1997 - 1997
    •Revised and maintained environmental review and inspection process.•Administered award winning recycling program.•Managed marketing project targeting efficiency of services.•Increased revenue and eliminated need to contract out services.•Established relationships with over 100 businesses and 20 regional city governments.
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