• General Summary
    Ambre Goff
    Ambre Goff
    Managing Member at Law Offices of Ambre' S. Goff,LLC
    Jacksonville, Florida
    LocationJacksonville, Florida
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    06/2009 - Present
    Performed duties of a Claims Adjuster including: investigating auto claims, corresponding with claimants and making liability determinations. Obtained 620 adjuster licenses. Navigated the NextGen Computer Operating system.
    07/2006 - 07/2008
    Program Attorney, 2006-2008 Represented and supported the best interest of children and youth in foster care, as well as researched legal precedent and consulted with advocates to provide sound legal recommendations in court. Appointed as Lead Attorney to represent the Road to Independence Project which focused on helping to get benefits and scholarship opportunities for children aging out of the foster care system. Collaborated and partnered effectively with the Program staff and volunteers.
    06/2005 - 06/2006
    Handled pre-suit negotiations for personal injury clients and managed a heavy case load, as well as prepared demand packages, and drafted correspondence to insurance companies.
    02/2004 - 05/2004
    Drafted memoranda, researched legal issues concerning criminal law, and handled jury and non-jury trials pertaining to criminal cases. Argued a motion to suppress and participated in depositions.
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  • Professional Skills
    attorney, benefits administration, customer relations, insurance, legal, legal research, lexis - nexis, microsoft office, negotiation, operating systems, sound, westlaw, wordperfect,
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