• General Summary
    Amrita Rao
    Amrita Rao
    Also known asAmrita Deepak Rao, Amrita
    Date of birth7 June 1981
    Place of birthMumbai
    Country of nationalityIndia
    EthnicityChitrapur Saraswat Brahmin
    ProfessionModel, Actor
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      • Rakhi sawant
      • Celina Jaitley
      • Sonal Chauhan
      • Udita Goswami
      • Priyanka Chopra
      • Katrina Kaif
      • Aishwarya Rai
      • Zohra Sehgal

  • Biography
    Amrita Rao is an Indian actress and model.Amrita made her acting debut with Ab Ke Baras. She was than noticed in romance Ishq Vishk which was followed by commercial successes like Masti and Main Hoon Na. Her biggest commercial success was the...
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  • Educational Background
  • Related People
    • Sister
      Preetika Rao
    • Father
      Deepak Rao
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