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    2004 - Present
    Coordinate the implementation of a Labour Relations Model that incorporates a labour policy, principles, guidelines for negotiating collective bargaining agreements and stakeholder engagement which is aligned with company values, Employee Relations strategy and national agreements such as the National Private Security Negotiations with Labour Representetives (SATAWU, NASUWU, NASAWU & PTAWU). Provide technical specialist advice in preparing for annual or bi-annual wage mandating processes within the Company taking into account past arbitration decisions and grievances and analyze their effect on pending negotiations.Provide specific advice in collective barganing negotiations processes that requires familiarisation with economic, wage data and extensive knowledge of labour law and collective bargaining procedures to avoid costly litigation, strikes or other disruptions. Provide technical specialist advice to management on labour relations matters e.g. to handle complaints resulting from disputes with employees. Monitor and keep record of all collective bargaining agreements.Keeps informed and up-to-date on changes to labour laws, arbitration decisions and anything else that may effect union-management relations. Monitor business units in respect of stakeholder engagement plans and progress against plans. Coordinate capacity building programs pertaining to optimising labour relations / stakeholder engagement programs.
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