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    António Miguel Teixeira Vicente
    António Miguel Teixeira Vicente
    PhD Student no MIT-Portugal Program
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    2008 - Present
    The MIT-Portugal Program is an international collaboration seeking to demonstrate that an investment in science, technology and higher education can have a positive, lasting impact on the economy by addressing key societal issues through quality education and research in the emerging field of engineering systems. The program has targeted bio-engineering systems, engineering design and advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy systems, and transportation systems as key areas for economic development and societal impact.
  • Educational Background
    2008 - 2012

    Dissertation titled "Development of Nanomorphous Solar Cells on Ceramic Substrates with Bioengineering Application"

    2003 - 2008

    Dissertation titled “UV Radiation in organic molecules with biological interest”, 2008. Published in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2009, under the title "Photoabsorption measurements and theoretical calculations of the electronic state spectroscopy of propionic, butyric, and valeric acids" (DOI:10.1039/B823500G)

    Extra-activity: Ncleo Engenharia Biomédica, Comissão de Praxes de Biomédica

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