• Professional Experience
    2007 - Present
    Coming from mudlogging background to directional jobs,I have readily taken all the challenges and performed all my duties sincerely and innovatively.I have worked in onshore and various offshore projects.I have successfully delivered my duties while on job in some high temp high pressure wells in Andhra offshore with tools like neutron-density,multi frequency resistivity along with gamma ,directional and bore and annular pressure sensors.I also performed to satisfaction in developments wells in bombay high with gamma-directional tools.Specifications:1.Successfully ran LWD sensors like Bore and Annulus Pressure (BAP), Gamma Ray, Rapid Annular Temperature (RAT), Hostile Azimuthal Gamma Ray (HAGR)2.Worked with High temperature lithium batteries.3.Calibrated LWD sensors like Gamma Ray, Hostile Azimuthal Gamma Ray(HAGR),Nuclear-Density Tool ( NDT).4.Worked in GSPC offshore projects in KG Basin (Andhra Pradesh,India) – Sandstone reservior5.Worked in Jubilant onshore project in Kutch Basin (Gujarat,India)-Sandstone reservoir6.Worked in ONGC offshore projects in Bombay High (Maharashtra,India)-Carbonate reservoir7.Ran Triple Combo Tools (Directional, MFR,Neutron-Density) in High Pressure High Temperature wells as third hand.
    2010 - Present
    Currently working as a LWD engineer having a good exposure and experience in both probe based as well as collar based tools.Capable of handling shifts for highly specialized motorised RSS dual pulser triple combo with azimuthal density data for highly deviated and horizontal and extended reached wells.Clients include Qatar petroleum and Qatar Shell.
    2010 - 2011
    As a senior operations support, my responsibilities include monitoring real time data which comes continually from various rigs all throughout the world.Apart from monitoring,my job includes supporting the concerned departments in case of non-availability of real time data and also quality control of the data.
    2006 - 2007
    1.Collect samples at regular lag time and prepare them under the microscope for geological interpretations2.Proper packaging of the samples at the end of the section / well for laboratory studies3.Assist mud-logger interpreting samples and prepare mud log4.Assist monitoring the surface parameters along with mud logger5.Worked in G.S.P.C onshore Projects. (Gujarat, India)6.Worked in Reliance project in KG Basin (Andhra Pradesh, India).
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  • Educational Background
    2009 - 2012

    Extra-activity: Currently ongoing through corresponding

    2004 - 2006

    Currently persuing Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operation(PGDIBO) from Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) through correspondence.

    Extra-activity: Attended 6th International convention of Association of Exploration Geologists(AEG).

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