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    Augusto Vyhmeister
    Augusto Vyhmeister
    Ingeniero Desarrollador Software Multiples Lenguajes y Plataformas.VB,Java J2EE,.Net, PHP. J2ME,Android y iPhone XCode
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    Welcome, nothing is coincidence in the life, for some reason you have reached to me.

    I am Electronical Engineer specialiced in software development and Self Made Artist.

    I am Electronical Engineer, with 10 years experience in...
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  • Professional Experience
    1998 - Present
    Ingeniero Civil Electrónico Especializado en informática.14 años de experiencia en desarrollo de software, modelacion y responsabilidades de arquitectura.5 años con tecnologia Microsoft y 9 años con tecnologia Java/J2EE, con experiencia en aplicaciones basadas en Cliente/Servidor y Distribuidas ( servidores de aplicaciones IBM, Oracle, Sun, Orion , JBoss, Tomcat ) varias bases de datos como Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQLServer, PosgreSQL, Mysql, Access.Sitio Personal: http://www.engelsss.dyndns.orgModalidad de Trabajo: Desarrollo de Proyectos Part Time y Full Time............................+++ Enterprise contact: Contacto con Empresas +++.....................................................+++ Kontakt für die Softwareentwicklung mit Unternehmen +++.......................................................►►► augusto.vyhmeister@gmail.com ◄◄◄......................................
    Electronical Engineer specialiced in software development and Self Made Artist.

    I am Electronical Engineer, with 10 years experience in software development, modelling and software architectonical responsibilities.

    3 years with Microsoft technology and 7 years with Java/J2EE technology, with experience on Client/Server and Web based applications (on IBM, Oracle, Sun, Orion , JBoss, Tomcat application Servers) and several database systems as Oracle, Informix, SQLServer, Mysql.

    I am Self Made Artist, with self research and experience in oil and acrilyc paintings, and several informal study with chilean and worldwide Artists and painters.

    Prease visit my own website at:

    Software Development: http://www.engelsss.dyndns.org
    Oil and Acrilyc Paintings: http://www.engelsss.dyndns.org/geleriaderte.html

    My best regards,

    Augsto Vyhmeister
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    Software Development and Oil/Acrylic painting
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