• Professional Experience
    2009 - Present
    Project manager (Projects and IS Division)Diversification project for new services (business confidential)- Planning and team coordination (12 people),- Business model definition (pricing policy, proposal formalization, risk management),- IS strategy definition,- Supplier selection, Contract negotiation,- In charge of R&D tax credit project; technology watch and research in domain knowledge.National and international deployment- Planning and team coordination (5 people),- Optimization strategy for the dispatch system,- Analysis of product designed by international supplier (Mobisoft, Finland).Website and iPhone software (July to December 2010)- Tests session coordination,- Business requirements for the current dispatch Information System.Health insurance project (July to October 2009)- Taxi rides processes automation,- User support during ramp-up period,- Supervisory and evolution of the dispatch Information System.Supervisory and evolution of the Information System- New products definition for customer services improvement (12.7 M trips / year).
    2008 - 2008
    Business project management supportALTEA DC project:Ground services modernisation programGlobal Distribution System (Booking, Check-in and Boarding system redefinition)- Jointly with Air France, KLM and Amadeus,- Business requirements for catering, post departure messages and flight display and list."La Première" project:New ground services definition for High value customers (first class passengers, VIP, ...),- Functional specifications, tests scenario and user manual design and validation- Change management,- Preparation for the implementation.
    2007 - 2007
    Quality Division - Project Management and Team Management- Introduction of the “autocontrol” process- Information sessions for affected technicians (+500 people, spanish speaking)- Development and setting up of the automation of quality processes
    2007 - 2007
    Technical work experience: Introduced the “autocontrol”, Trained technicians, Developed the automation of quality processes.
    2005 - 2005
    - Established a contact with customers- Presented products and banking operations
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  • Educational Background
    2007 - 2008

    Professional thesis : Best Merger between two companies key success.Award: Thesis labeled by Top French High Schools Conference.

    2003 - 2008

    Extra-activity: Tutor and responsible of methodology seminars, Student associations, interships

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