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    Bhavna Karani
    Bhavna Karani
    Talent Management Director at Havas Media
    Madrid , Spain
    LocalityMadrid , Spain
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  • Professional Experience
    2004 - Present
    Responsible for the design and implementation of global talent management initiatives. Responsibilities include talent pool assessments, design of a Performance Management System, Training and Development Program design, elearning content desing, main contact with Corporate Business Schools, Employee Engagement measurement. Also involved in employer branding initiatives with Marketing areas, and in Product Development initiatives.I am also HR Business Partner for the lagest Havas Media Network, MPG and responsible for recruitment and first-point HR contact in operations where no local HR team is available.
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  • Professional Skills
    Talent Management, Training & Development, Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, Employee motivation & retention, Employer Branding,
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