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  • at Weiss Research
  • University of Florida
  • Charlotte, Caroline du Nord, États-Unis
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    Financial Services, Financial Research, and Financial Publishing
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    2011 - Present
    I am responsible for the marketing, creative and product related efforts at Weiss Research, a financial publishing company located in the West Plam Beach Area.
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    Direct Marketing, Online Marketing, Product Development and Marketing, Web 2.0 Marketing, Online Client Acquisition, Multivariate testing, Building Marketing and Sales Teams, Omniture, MediaPlex, DART DFA/DFP, Omniture, Lyris, Exact Target, Direct Email Acquisition, Landing Page Funnel Analysis and Testing, Client Life Cycle, Marketing, Free Newsletter Design and Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation and Trial Conversion Marketing, Co-Registration Marketing, and Display Marketing.
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    Florida Blue Key - Leadership Honor Society2007 Best Premium Financial Publishing MiniSite/WebSite- RealMoney Silver- Led a team to Develop, Design, Launch, and Market RealMoney Silver. The product a year later was a finalist for the above award.

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