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    2005 - Present
    The Nation's Pearl store. Superb pearls at amazing discounts. Our quality rivals the most expensive stores and sites in the world. My partner in this project Paul Williams travels the world sourcing the best pearls... at the best prices. Check us out!
    N/A - Present
    Verified Secure is a website security verification service. We have developed software and systems to scan 3rd party sites for vulnerabilities. If a client's site is deemed to be secure, our "trustmark" will show. If potential threats are identified, we assist in fixing the vulnerability. Presence of the Verified Secure Trustmark tells potential customers "it is safe to use this site". If you think this sounds a bit like McAfee Secure, you are right... only at 1/3 of the cost!
    N/A - Present
    AnM8 is a Visual Communications firm focusing on marketing and design including Identity design, Branding, Graphic design, Website development, Advertising and Trade show graphics. Additionally, we consult in marking strategy in the above areas.
    1999 - 2005
    Director of Marketing focused on Elisha Technologies and DeNovus LLC. Developed and executed marketing strategy including a complete re-branding of the identity and market focus of Elisha. Developed and executed web presence and trade show strategy. Elisha Technologies is a subsidiary of Orscheln. DeNovus is now owned by Polyguard LLC.
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