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    2009 - Present
    SOARING HIGH is a co-op oganization which facilitates independent production companies in making their movies; we offer expertise, equipment, advice and counsel and help with financing. Co-Op members pay a small membership fee and pledge to help abused kids by teaching them their craft and sharing it with fellow filmmakers. Angel Entertainment Foundation helps abused kids by introducing them to the arts of movie-making allowing them an outlet for their creativity and imagination.
    1980 - Present
    Music and Entertainment law; Senior Advocacy, Business law and General Civil Practice. I consult with and advise many different music organizations, media organizations, music creators/artists/performers on a multitude of legal and business issues. Staying current is vital!For those who can least afford legal services, I offer straightforward legal services over the net through my website. I answer questions on law & business and review contracts in the entertainment field. For more extensive needs, I offer traditional real world legal services.
    1995 - 2009
    a think tank dedicated to reseqarch and communication on issues pertaining to intellectual property worrldwide
    1998 - 2008
    small firm, litigation and transactions
    1988 - 2008
    I have been retained to advise and represent multiple independent production companies on their filmmaking projects.
    1984 - 2008
    novelist and screenwriter (one novel and two screenplays)
    2005 - 2006
    outside legal consultant to webcaster representative foundation
    1990 - 1997
    independent label maufacturer of cosmetics and other consumer products
    1995 - 1996
    independent media company for which I was outside counsel; company board appointed me inside counsel and then president.
    1989 - 1992
    Community orchestra based in Burbank, California
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