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    Cheryl New
    Cheryl New
    Managing Partner at PharmaBoard Partners, LLC.
    Greater New York City
    LocalityGreater New York City
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    2009 - Present
    PharmAboard Partners, LLC. is a leading life sciences consulting firm that provides a cost effective, just-in-time complete management solution that helps new and emerging biotech businesses mitigate risks and maximize success. The team?s collective expertise helps clients optimize the value of intellectual property and technology; define the right product development approach (clinical and regulatory strategies); and foster the adoption of continued process improvement and cross-functional collaboration. The team consists of senior-level, experienced executives trained in the areas of research, clinical and regulatory development, continuous quality and process improvement, intellectual property management, business development, commercial transactions, corporate governance, marketing and communications. PharmAboard Partners has the knowledge to develop winning strategies and the expertise to execute it successfully. For more information, and access to our management team visit: www.pharmaboardpartners.com
    2008 - Present
    Veteran pharmaceutical executives providing bio-pharmaceutical start-up organizations assistance in the implementation of a total quality approach to Regulatory, Quality, and Clinical Operations.
    2000 - 2005
    Vice President, Pharmaceutical Practice Wrote and developed full business case and built the Pharmaceutical Information Management Practice. Worked with Chemists, Regulatory, Discovery and Research to provide optimized and cross-functionally connected decision making tools.
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