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    HR Expert Specializing in Structured Strategic HR Research , and Infrastructure Development with Practical Knowledge in Organizational Restructuring , Staffing and HRD. Accredited Personal and corporate trainer in Communication skills, Sales...
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  • Professional Experience
    2010 - Present
    Strategy and Human Resource Development Constant : Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL)* Development of scalable Competency Development Models * Performance management Infrastructure development * Organizational Restructuring * Workflow Analysis and Competency mapping * Strategic Planing and Modeling Leadership and Communication competency development specialist for senior governmental officers and SLAS officers (Class 1,2,3 )
    2010 - Present
    Rapid Competency Development Specialist in Sales, Customer Relationship management, Change Leadership and Communication Virtusa Corp, National Development Bank Plc, Commercial Bank Plc, HSBC, AVIVA, Airtel, Hayleys Plc. and Hatton National Bank Plc. Union Assurance Plc.
    2009 - Present
    Strategic HR infrastructure development , Research based HR solutions , Employee engagement research , training and development in sales , customer care and advanced communication skill development are but a few of the services offered and undertaken by me for Spokenedge
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  • Professional Skills
    Qualitative and Quantitative HR Research,Training and Development, IHRM Infrastructure Architecture Development, Organizational Restructuring, HR Branding, Marketing Management , Corporate Communications
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