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    Dave Zwarts
    Dave Zwarts
    Quality Executive
    Eindhoven Area, Netherlands
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    Also known asdzw1971, Dave
    LocationEindhoven Area, Netherlands
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    Globally oriented senior manager with a cross-cultural approach and wide experience in the field of product quality (at a strategic level), within a B2B and technical factory environment.
    Result and quality driven people manager. Creating...
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  • Professional Experience
    03/2011 - Present

    Ensuring that quality is an integral part of all processes, to secure time to market and to guarantee the best value of ownership to the customer.

    Main responsibilities include representing the voice of customers on quality to drive improvements needed, ensuring continuous improvements driven by several processes like Business Process Management, Quality Dash boarding, Certification, Quality Competence improvement and Development processes.
    Being part of the solution via initiatives in projects and quality consulting in process set up, risk management and KPI definition.


    Increased quality focus on how tools are processed, handled and qualified resulting in a yearly cost saving of 700 k€.

    04/2010 - 03/2011

    Managing a product quality team (6 direct reports) to assure that the products meet all quality & conformity requirements.
    Monitoring that all expected outputs are achieved during prototyping, development, industrialization and Release to Production.
    In charge of continuous improvement of products/ assembly lines in relation with customer service, engineering and countries. Decreasing return rates and non quality costs by taking corrective & preventive actions.
    Working in close relationship with all European countries, Competence Centre Europe and China Operations teams.


    - market introduction Quinny Yezz stroller
    - market introduction Maxi-Cosi car seat Tobi

    05/2007 - 04/2010

    Responsible for product quality and logistical processes via customer complaint handling. In this role I had to motivate R&D, logistic, manufacturing and quality engineers and their managers located in Europe, USA & Asia to improve and to assure the product quality. On the other hand a close relationship had to be maintained with the operating companies (OpCo), configurations centers and customers.
    On a monthly basis responsible for reporting about the delivery quality measured as Error Free Installation rate and customer satisfaction to senior management and operating companies.


    - improving delivery quality from 85% up to 98%
    - decreasing lead time complaint handling to 1 month
    - harmonizing customer complaint handling
    - creating specific reports for NL, DE, UK, USA, JP

    06/2004 - 05/2007

    Responsible for new product introductions, new developed processes and state of the art equipment in cooperation with several global suppliers. Leading a dedicated team of operators and engineers.


    In 2006 the Scheuten Solar factory in Gelsenkirchen was opened as one of the most modern solar module production lines in the world.

    08/2002 - 07/2004

    After the acquisition of Siemens Solar responsible for the introduction of Siemens products in the Shell factories. Carried out a benchmark of the factories with the outcome a transfer of the production lines from Germany and The Netherlands to Portugal including new products, equipment, processes & procedures, working methods and training of operators.


    - transfer of production lines to Portugal
    - implementation of lean manufacturing
    - introduction of a new product portfolio
    - setting up a new test laboratory

    09/1999 - 08/2002

    Besides supporting the daily operation also project leader for
    the introduction of a fast cure process which resulted in a capacity increase of 100% and the implementation of automatic (un) loading systems for laminators which lead to a productivity increase of 20%.
    These projects included installation, commissioning, release of equipment and processes and training of production personnel


    - 100% capacity increase with fast cure process
    - implementation automatic (un)loading systems
    - introduction Six Sigma tools (SPC, 5S)

    08/1998 - 09/1999

    Developed new applications within production and project leader of lifetime field projects for solar modules and cost reduction/ efficiency improvement initiatives.


    - extend lifetime solar modules with 15 years

    12/1997 - 06/1998

    Traineeship (graduation)Optimisation Energy ConsumptionNote:report has been awarded as "best graduation report Fontys University"

    12/1996 - 06/1997

    Traineeship Royal Mosa, Maastricht - Cost reduction raw materials

    12/1995 - 06/1996

    Traineeship DSM Andeno, Venlo - Optimisation process flow

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  • Educational Background
    2007 - 2007

    A course into the multi-disciplinary development of systems and products beyond the limits of mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology and optics.

    2000 - 2002

    Acquired competences:business economics, information engineering, industrial production, supply chain management, operations research, product management, qualitative methods: SPC, QFD, FMEA, Six Sigma, Measurement System Analysis, Ishikawa

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  • Milestones

    Best graduate thesis-award at Fontys University

    August 1998
  • Interests
    Parents council
    Welness (sauna)
    Latin & Ballroom dancing
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