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    Davide Ivaldi
    Davide Ivaldi
    Elkhart, Indiana
    LocationElkhart, Indiana
  • Contact Information
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  • Biography
    Companies rely on me for solving the more complex problems, especially when existing processes and procedures won't work.

    I've worked for some excellent managers at several employers. I generally become the "troubleshooter" and "closer"...
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  • Professional Experience
    02/2009 - Present
    Supervising Document Control, Material Master, Enginering Change, and PDM / PLM function.
    01/2003 - Present
    Involved in Product Lifecycle Management, Sustaining Engineering, Supplier Quality Engineering, Outsourcing / Contract Manufacturing,
    Regional Sales to heavy industries (automotive, and metals) and Channel Support for products and engineered systems for Energy Efficiency
    Motor, Drive, PLC systems to heavy industries
    Capital Engineer - Material Handling Automation , Packaging Systems
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  • Educational Background
    1986 - 1990

    Extra-activity: AFROTC, Pi Kappa Alpha, NCAA Divn-III Soccer, Swim Club

  • Professional Skills
    Electronics Specifications / Component Engineering, Failure Analysis, BOM/Configuration Management, Purchasing, Planning, Lifecycle Management, Microsoft Office Expert, VAriable Frequency Drive Programming, PLC Programming, HMI/MMI Programming, Electrical Service Entrance and Distribution Layout, Facilities Layout, Contractor Supervision, Capital Proposal Authoring, Technical Education Authoring/Editing.
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