• General Summary
    Donna Martin RN,BSN,MSN-NA, MBA, CDONA, PC/PI
    Donna Martin RN,BSN,MSN-NA, MBA, CDONA, PC/PI
    Toledo, Ohio
    LocationToledo, Ohio
  • Contact Information
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  • Biography
    Vast experience in both clinical and administrative aspects of nursing
    Over 20 years of experience from Candy Striper to present.
    Areas of experience include Acute care, Long term care including Home Health
    My goal is to increase the...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2005 - 09/2006
    Responsible for day to day operations of the nursing dept including clinical and fiscal, Union negotiations, litigation abatement, compliance, QA/QI, P&P
    10/2004 - 11/2005
    Responsible for day to day clinical and financial operations of the nursing dept.
    06/2003 - 11/2004
    Day to day operation of a local medical staffing company. Staffing of RNs, LPNs, STNAs to local hospitals and long term care facilities
    Responsible for budget building and maintaining, P&L, Inservices, QA/QI, P&P, Survey compliance
    03/2001 - 03/2003
    Part owner and founder of company. Responsible for all operations and clinical compliance
    04/1999 - 03/2001
    Founded nursing staffing company in Toledo area. Responsible for every aspect of the company's growth.
    end of first year sales were 1.5 mil with over 150 employees
    sold 1/2 of company to a financial partner for more stable cash flow model and additional investment by that partner.
    Was turned into a corp in 2001.
    Staffing company with Home Health, Occupational nursing, Staffing of medical facilities. Overall responsibility of the division in clinical, operational and fiscal.
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  • Educational Background
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  • Professional Skills
    Deficency free surveys, JCAHO, CHAP and CMS regulatory compliance, Union negotiations, customer service, Policy and Procedure, Performance improvement, QA/QI, CLNC, "Damage Control" Primary Instructor and Program Coordinator for NATCEP program at Job1USA
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  • Milestones

    Montclair Whos Who in Nursing 2008-2009 was featured with the president of ANA
    Nurse Administrator of the year 2004

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