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  • Biography
    Dr. Deborah S. McGill holds a Doctorate in Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Education. Her passion and vision is for the new psychology paradigm that not only educates the mind but integrates the Heart, Body and Spirit....
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2006 - 01/2008
    01/1981 - 12/1994
    Teacher 1st, 2nd, 5th, and Jr. High

    Principal for Pre-K through 8th Grade
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    Expanding Human Potential and Healing Services
    Experiential Workshops and Seminars

    Educating not only the mind, but integrating the Heart!

    Passion and Possibilities
    LIfe-enhancing Solutions
    Transitions as Transformation
    Relationship and Intimacy Issues
    Holistic Sexuality
    Creativity through Forgiveness
    Discovering Self through Loss
    Dream Analysis

    * Learn practical tools for creating freedom in you life

    * Discover that your history is not your destiny

    * Respond to others from choice instead of reactivity

    * Learn to balance and be aware of your life energy

    * Understand the subltle energies that seem to take you off course

    * Become aware of the fear and illusions that block your inner wisdom

    * Complete the past, be open to the present, and create a future
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  • Educational Background
    1997 - 2008

    Extra-activity: Activities and Societies:Constellation Work and Systemic SolutionsA New Integral Approach to Holistic SpiritualityHealing Trauma, Mind/Body ConnectionSoul Work with Carlos Warter, MD, Ph.D Psychosomatic WellnessMystery School, Jean Houston, Ph.D

    1999 - 2000
    1997 - 1999

    Extra-activity: Phenomenological Investigation on Communication

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  • Professional Skills
    Doctorate of Psychology, Speciality in Intergenerational Psychology, Consultant in Detoxiification and Nutritional Services
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  • Milestones

    Certifiied Specialist Intergenerational Psychology

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