• Professional Experience
    2009 - Present
    As the one and only geologist at this small gold mine, I do a little of everything and cross-train with the engineer and surveyor too
    Sepon Mine, Lao PDR
    FIFO, based in Reno NV

    Oxiana when I joined the company, merged with Zinifex in July 2008 to become OZ Minerals
    Project Manager for Bayan Airag (Golden Hills) project in Zavkhan Province, western Mongolia. A Cu-Au-Ag massive sulfide deposit.
    RMGC, a joint venture of Kinross (50%; operating partner) and Barrick (50%), operates Round Mountain Mine in central Nevada.

    Initially worked on developing the Gold Hill deposit just north of Round Mountain main pit; then worked on headframe exploration throughout the joint venture's Area Of Interest
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  • Educational Background

    Dissertation title: Gas-Phase Transport of Tin in the Taylor Creek Rhyolite, New Mexico, Investigated Using Experimental Measurement of Thermodynamic Activity, Multicomponent Thermodynamic Calculations, and Field Studies


    Thesis title: Petrology and Structure of the Dike Swarm of Waianae Volcano, Oahu

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