• General Summary
    Elsa Sorensen
    Elsa Sorensen
    Also known asDane Arden, Elsa Sørensen
    Date of birth1 December 1935
    Place of birthCopenhagen
    Country of nationalityDenmark
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      • Jayne Mansfield
      • Marilyn Waltz
      • Virginia Gordon
      • Dawn Richard
      • Brigitte Nielsen
      • Anne P
      • Mia Rosing
      • Maria Gregersen

  • Biography
    Elsa Sørensen (born 1 December 1935 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish model who did most of her work under the pseudonym Dane Arden. Under her real name, she was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the September 1956 issue. Her...
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    • Husband
      Guy Mitchell
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