• Professional Experience
    Provide information on how to better your health today. Selling whole foods capsules that provide over 25 raw fruits and vegetables and berries that are scientifically documented to better your health.

    Building a team that is interested in building there own business.
    Print and web advertising sales into focused health and wellness areas in products as well as services. Generate new accounts in over 200 health categories.
    Generate new category areas of interest for customers business, instructing customers on educational information, design and production for their ads.
    Print advertising sales into focused areas reaching new people in communities in S.W. Michigan. Regarding products and services that new people in the area would be interested in. Generate new accounts in realtors, education, apartments, financial, government, tourism, healthcare, etc..
    Generate new category areas of interest for customers' businesses, instructing customers on design and production of their ads.
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