• General Summary
    Francisco Remedios
    Francisco Remedios
    Field Representative at United States Bureau of the Census
    United States
    LocalityUnited States
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  • Professional Experience
    2003 - Present
    Raul Mercado is not a work colleague but an informal one from my parish church. Recently the parishioners of our parish decided to present our pastor with a spiritual bouquet in commemoration of his 27th anniversary of ordination. As I am acquainted with Raul and one of those who was organizing the pledges for the bouquet I asked Raul to design it. Raul did an excellent job using photos and other graphics and a list of all the various pledges done in various type faces to good effect and had the entire bouquet done up in a what I guess to be a 2½ by 1½ foot or so glassed in frame. This he accomplished on very short notice. I would recommend Raul for any job of this nature, as this is obviously what he does very well. In this case it was a labor of love in appreciation of our pastor. But the quality of his work, done without remuneration in this case, is fit for any commercial enterprise. Francisco Remedios, fellow parishioner of Raul Mercado
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