• General Summary
    Gabriel Soto
    Gabriel Soto
    Also known asGabo, Gabriel Soto Borja-Diaz, Gabriel Soto Borja-Díaz
    Date of birth17 April 1975
    Place of birthMexico City
    Country of nationalityMexico
    ProfessionActor, Model
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  • Biography
    Gabriel Soto Borja-Diaz is a Mexican actor, model. He is known for winning the national male pageant El Modelo Mexico, placing first runner-up in Mister World 1996, being a member of the former Mexican boy band Kairo, and for acting in telenovelas.
    Source : Wikipedia
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  • Related People
    • Daughter
      Elisa Marie Soto
    • Wife
      Géraldine Bazán
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