• General Summary
    Gary Snyder
    Gary Snyder
    University of California, Davis
    Also known asGary Snyder, Snyder, Gary, Gary Sherman Snyder
    Date of birth8 May 1930
    Place of birthSan Francisco
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    EthnicityWhite American
    ProfessionEnvironmentalist, Translator, Educator, Author, Writer, Poet
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  • Biography
    Gary Snyder is an American man of letters. Perhaps best known as a poet, he is also an essayist, lecturer, and environmental activist. He has been described as the "poet laureate of Deep Ecology". Snyder is a winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry....
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  • Professional Experience
  • Related People
    • Sister
      Anthea Snyder
    • Father
      Harold Snyder
    • Mother
      Lois Hennessy Snyder
    • ex-Wife
      Alison Gass
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