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    Grantt J Childress
    Grantt J Childress
    Business Development Manager - Eastern Region at Cloud Cap Technology | Goodrich ISR
    Huntsville, Alabama
    LocationHuntsville, Alabama
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    Proven relationship builder and revenue generator. P&L mindset. Team builder. Team player. Results-oriented leader with demonstrated success uncovering market needs and matching them to my employers? capabilities. Experienced manager of both...
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  • Professional Experience
    07/2011 - Present
    Cloud Cap Technology is the leader in autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We specialize in autopilots, stabilized camera gimbals applicable to both unmanned and manned markets for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications.
    09/2010 - 07/2011
    08/2008 - 08/2010
    Federal Sales responsabilty for Fatigue, Durability and Test Data Analysis Software. Speciality areas are Conditional Based Maintenance (CBM) , Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) and Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM).
    01/2008 - 08/2008
    Responsable for direct sales of FEA simulation software to the Eastern US and Canada.
    02/2004 - 01/2008
    Strategic Consulting, including private placement memorandums, business plans and sales strategy development. Advising new businesses on the formation of corporations and business structures, drafting policies and structuring exit strategies.
    11/2001 - 02/2004
    Global Account responsabilities for Dell Computer and Hewlett Packard Computer.Developed, managed, and executed all phases of business for Dell Computer and Hewlett Packard worldwide. This included executive management relationships, contracts, sales, support and marketing.** 3D Labs was sold to Creative Technologies.
    04/1999 - 11/2001
    Sales, support and services team management for the Commercial, DoD and US Government markets. Programs included Lockheed Martin/THAAD, Ingall’s Shipbuilding/DD-21 and NASA/IFMP.** Rational Software was sold to IBM.
    06/1995 - 04/1999
    Managed all aspects of revenue growth and market share expansion for the Southeastern United States. Built, and organized the Southern account team to over quota performance.**Analogy was sold to Synopsis
    05/1985 - 06/1995
    Held numerous positions in sales, business development and sales management during my tenure. Sold Mapping - GIS, Public Works, Transportation, Civil Engineering – Construction and Mechanical Solutions, including Bentley Microstation.
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  • Professional Skills
    Sales / Business DevelopmentCompetitive AnalysisFederal Contracts / Federal ProjectsElectronics / Mechanical / Manufacturing
    Sales / Business DevelopmentCompetitive AnalysisFederal Contracts / Federal ProjectsElectronics / Mechanical / Manufacturing
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