• General Summary
    Gustavo Héctor Garassino
    Gustavo Héctor Garassino
    Senior Civil Engineer en Mina Pirquitas INC.
  • Contact Information
  • Biography
    Companies were I worked: Claro SA (ex CTI SA); PERSONAL SA (ex Telecom Personal SA); INCA LTDA (Chile); Arze Rezine y Asociados (Chile); Benito Roggio (UTE con ORMAS); Hochtief AG (UTE Techint, Bignoli); Pennsylvania South America Inc.; Techint...
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  • Professional Experience
    2007 - Present
    Engineer Project Control. Monitoring of implementation of basic and detailed engineering. Review of plans and reports. Control of the budget. Tracking Purchase order execution, with verification of budget support. Correction of deviations from budget. Review of certification work supervised by headquarters, in contrast with every Purchase order. Monitoring compliance with work schedules. Follow the schedules of every work of each contractor, milestones setting in jobs for the overall project implementation. Setting policy for temporary correction of violations. Monitoring project assembly buildings in steel structures. Coordinating with contractors assembling steps and security measures. Work and residence in site Pirquitas, 360 km northwest of San Salvador de Jujuy and 4290 meters over sea (mos). Coordination for reports preparation that are sent to the main company Silver Standard Resourch in Vancouver, Canada
    1992 - 2006
    O&M Manager in Telecon Personal untill 09/2003, then as Infraestructure Manager in Claro SA. Responsable on the creation of the first cellular net on the North of Argentina for Personal SA and explantion on the net for all the country for Claro.
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  • Educational Background
  • Professional Skills
    Construction design and resolutions. Good work with PC and programs; wellknow MS Office use.
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