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    Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
    Also known asعمران خان نیازی, Imran Khan Niazi
    Date of birth25 November 1952
    Place of birthLahore
    Country of nationalityPakistan
    EthnicityBritish Pakistanis
    ProfessionPolitician, Cricketer
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    Imran Khan HI, PP, RCPE, ASY, WCY born Imran Khan Niazi on 25 November 1952, is a Pakistani politician, celebrity and former cricketer. He played international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century and, after retiring, entered...
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    • Mother
      Shaukat Khanum
    • Father
      Ikramullah Khan...
    • ex-Wife
      Jemima Goldsmith
    • Son
      Sulaiman Isa Khan
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