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  • Biography
    A geologist, seismic interpreter and team / project leader with 18 years hands-on exploration, appraisal and field development experience with Shell Group companies in the United Kingdom, Albania, Brunei and Syria.
  • Professional Experience
    04/2007 - 03/2009
    Reservoir modelling and field development planning input to the Champion Field water flood / re-development project.
    07/2006 - 04/2007
    Leading an integrated team of geoscientists, petroleum, well and facilities engineers to deliver the development plan for the Bugan Field, a new offshore oil and gas field (development drilling of the Bugan Field about to start after the recent installation of the proposed production platform).
    04/2003 - 06/2006
    Geoscience Section Head & Field Team Leader; coordination and geoscience input to near field exploration, appraisal, brown field development studies and infill drilling operations in the Omar asset area, Euphrates Graben, Syria.
    01/2001 - 01/2003
    Production seismology support to the Seria Field infill development campaign and Project Leader of the Seria Field North Flank near field exploration & appraisal project (development of the Seria North Flank currently being executed following a highly succesfull E&A driling campaign in 2004/5).
    01/1997 - 01/2001
    Exploration evaluation and economic screening of deep-water turbidite prospects on the Brunei continental slope.
    01/1996 - 01/1997
    Evaluation of thrusted carbonate prospects in the Tirana area.
    01/1991 - 01/1996
    East Shetland and Southern Gas Basin play and prospect evaluation. Operations Geologist for the Exploration and Appraisal departments.
    01/1989 - 01/1991
    Tactical planning and execution of artillery fire support to an armoured infantry company (Ssvbt, 41 Afdva / C-Cie, 42 Painfbat)
    Co-ordination / geoscience input to reservoir performance reviews for the Champion Field, with special focus on the understanding and optimisation of the existing water injection schemes. Support of surveillance & well intervention activities.
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  • Professional Skills
    Seismic interpretation, mapping, geological modeling, evaluation of hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal and development opportunities in a variety of depositional and structural settings.
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