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    Jeana Tomasino
    Jeana Tomasino
    Also known asJeana Keogh, Jeana Ellen Keough, Jeana, Jeana Myers
    Date of birth18 September 1955
    Place of birthMilwaukee
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    ProfessionNude Glamour Model, Actor, Real estate broker, Pin-up girl
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  • Biography
    Jeana Tomasino was born on September 18, 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tomasino graduated from Whitnall High School located in Greenfield, Wisconsin in 1972. When she was younger, she worked as a model and actress, most famously in a number of...
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  • Related People
    • Son
      Shane Keough
    • Husband
      Matt Keough
    • Child
      Colton Keough
    • Daughter
      Kara Keough
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