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    Jennifer Pham
    Jennifer Pham
    A marketing professional always striving to improve systems and find new solutions, working at...
    Orange County, California
    Also known asjphamtravels
    LocationOrange County, California
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    Graduate of UC Berkeley with experiences in business and non-profits targeting Asian and Pacific Islander health. Business experience includes email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing, sales, graphic design, office...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2009 - Present
    •Directed and completed website now averaging over $10,000 in sales on website orders alone (selectgp.com)•Proactively created internal tools like instant price calculators and business card templates to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the ordering process•Purchased print management software, created templates, and trained staff to use the software to take orders more quicker and track orders more efficiently•Presented workshops about the company to other businesses and individuals to extend sales force and show off products, services, and credibility of the company•Networked weekly with other businesses and individuals to bring in additional sales •Created program guides and layout templates to help customers better understand printing requirements•Track and analyze website growth and potential•Email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, print advertising•Hired and trained graphic design interns
    11/2008 - 05/2009
    • Initiated, wrote for, & advertised a blog to promote dialogue among young adults about Asian-American health: http://AsianAmericanHealth.blogspot.com • Created curriculum designed to train public health students in cultural competency
    02/2008 - 05/2009
    Attended for disabled student: assisted her to bed, bathroom, wheelchair; washed dishes; cooked food; changed her clothes; took out trash
    06/2008 - 10/2008
    • Documented & presented patient stories in an emotionally powerful digital stories using video, music, & pictures • Collaborated with language interpreters to script & record a relevant story showing language healthcare issues and the potential impact of the Governor’s proposed budget cuts • Created dialogue scripts for healthcare interpreter training in English and Vietnamese • Worked full-time for the summer and part time afterward • Got accepted into competitive full-time summer internship with Health Career Connection, which had about 1400 applicants
    02/2008 - 05/2008
    Presented information about tobacco & marijuana prevention to Berkeley High School students
    07/2006 - 08/2007
    • Simultaneously responded to the phone lines & the radio channels with police codes, assigning callers to escorts • Ensured safety of the callers & co-workers
    01/2006 - 05/2006
    Tutored college students individually in writing and guided them to develop & structure their essays
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  • Professional Skills
    graphic design and layout; fluent in Vietnamese reading, writing, speaking; Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Premier; Final Cut Pro; Microsoft Office
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