• Professional Experience
    2011 - Present
    2011 - Present
    2008 - Present
    Consulting company to create world class IT solutions for non profit organizations.
    2009 - 2011
    2007 - 2008
    Leading Global Business Operations and the Global Competency Centers in India, Latin America, China and Egypt for EDS' $6Bn+ Applications Services.
    1998 - 2008
    Jeroen Tas is co-founder and served as President, COO and vice-chairman of MphasiS, a 30,000 employee strong service provider to the financial services and hi-tech industries with revenues of $700M+ and a market cap of $1.1Bn. MphasiS was acquired by EDS in June 2006.
    1994 - 1998
    Headed Transaction Technology Inc, the subsidiary responsible for the design and development of the bank's distribution systems, such as ATMs and Internet. While at Citibank he was a member of the Global Marketing Council and the Global Consumer Technology Group. Under his leadership the Internet banking platform was rolled out and a new self service strategy based on open systems was established.
    1991 - 1993
    Managed the Citigroup account in Europe from Duesseldorf and then Global Consumer Bank from New York.
    1984 - 1991
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