• Biography
    I've always been in and around music my whole life. My father was in the 60's band The Grass Roots, and then went on to cultivate the careers of Quiet Riot, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, and Deftones. I fell into singing and songwriting...
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  • Professional Experience
    2011 - Present
    So happy to be part of this great worldwide team!
    2006 - 2010
    Opened the Venice based office of The Lodge, which is headquartered out of NY. I have been an integral part of sales, production, and execution of the continued success and growth of The Lodge's west coast operation. Along with my talented colleagues, I creatively produce original music, sound design, and music supervise/ license for film, TV, advertising, and gaming.
    2004 - 2005
    Started my career in advertising at Elias Arts. Assisted anyone and everyone. Learned about the commercial music world, built connections, and developed very important tools to build on. Learned how to make a damned good cappuccino for some very high maintenance clients ;-)
    Repped Finger Music, Beach House Films, Matter Music independently, before taking on staff position at HUM Music.
    I spent 5 years writing and recording around the world with writers and producers such as The Matrix (Christina Aguilerra, Liz Phair), Doc McKinney (Esthero, Res, Graph Nobel) Mark Saunders (The Cure, Neneh Cherry, Cindy Lauper), Robin Millar (Sade), Howie B (U2, Bjork), David Norland (The Solar Twins), amongst many more. I was signed to a publishing with Warner Chappell, and had several demo deals with major labels. I still write, but not as often as I would like to, and I sing even less than I write...Was an absolute great adventure!
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  • Professional Skills
    Branding and Identity, Sales/Marketing, Production, Budget Negotiating, New Business Development, General Management
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