• Professional Experience
    2004 - Present
    * we bring tools, infrastructure, and analytics to help the business identify, quantify, and improve on its Quality challenges
    * we provide assessments, improvements, and recommendations to design, implement, and drive quality that positively impact our customers
    * we educate, consult, and measure EMC’s performance, and validate results by monitoring customer loyalty
    * Enterprise Data Governance - enable EMC to manage its information assets by improving the quality of the product data
    * Quality Program Management - drive consistent cross functional initiatives that improve EMC product and process quality
    * Reliability - provide information to ensure the product and business is meeting quality criteria
    * Quality Information Reporting - build a measurement infrastructure to capture product, process and solution quality
    * Audit - ensure compliance to industry standard requirements
    * Customer Loyalty - provide validation of improvements through voice of the customer
  • Educational Background
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