• Biography
    I am field virologist and business entrepeneur seeking both scientific and business opportunities globally. Specifically, our group examines the human-animal interface at global "hotspots" for zoonotic disease transmission at our and partner's...
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  • Professional Experience
    2007 - 2008
    * Designed and implemented classical and next generation molecular and serological diagnostics for the World Health Organization Mano River Union Lassa Fever Network
    * Oversaw hands-on laboratory and research training of national staff at the Kenema Government Hospital Lassa Fever Laboratory
    * Conducted research aiming to elucidate the clinical pathology acute Lassa fever.
    * Served as Principal Investigator of the High-Containment Pathogens Program for the Global Emerging Infections System (GEIS) Core Program
    * Top-secret SSBI Security Clearance
    * BSL-4 Certification
    2003 - 2007
    * Initiated novel research program aimed at developing commercial recombinant serological diagnostics for Lassa and other VHFs.
    * Coordinated large working group consisting of partners/stakeholders from academia, privated industry, government, and non-government organizations.
    * First Tulane student to pursue Ph.D. and MPH degrees concurrently and finished both within 4.5 years.
    * Conducted extensive field work in West Africa.
    * Received Avian Influenza training from the World Health Organization.
    2001 - 2003
    *Designed and implemented standard operating procedures for the Viral Hemorrhagic Disease Laboratory.
    *Performed basic research at BSL3 on various Arbo and Arena viruses that cause human disease.
    *Worked under the direct supervision of CJ Peters, Bob Tesh and Bob Shope.
    2000 - 2001
    Perfrom laboratory and field research aiming to elucidate the origins of HIV-1 in Central Africa. Serve as techinical liaison between Preston Marx's AIDS Animal Group and various laboratories associated with the Pasteur Institute International Network. Perform laboratory studies at the Tulane National Primate Research Center, the Centre Pasteur du Cameroun, the Institut Pasteur de Paris, and the Centre International de Recherche Medicales.
    Oversee GVFI’s global network of diagnostic and research laboratories.

    Assist in writing, managing and executing research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Dept. of Defense, the National Geographic Foundation, and the Google and Skoll Foundations.

    Serve as WHO Collaborator on Lassa Fever.

    Serve as Global Outbreak Alert & Response (GOARN) partner.
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  • Professional Skills
    Viral Diagnostics; Outbreak Response and Containment; Business Consulting; Grant Writing and Participation; Specimen Collection; Pathogen Discovery; Public Health Program Implementation; Government Liaison; Global Scientific Research
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  • Milestones

    2005-2007, Department of Defense Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation of Defense Pre-Doctoral Fellowship.2006, American Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygeine Travel Award.

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