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    We present an analysis of the near-infrared spectrum of a young massive star cluster in the overlap region of the interacting galaxies NGC 4038/39 using population synthesis models. Our goal is to model the cluster population as well as provide...
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    2011 - Present
    2003 - 2010
    Thesis: Constraints on the Low-Mass IMF in Young Super-Star Clusters in Starburst Galaxies Developed stellar population synthesis model to model massive young star clusters in the near-infrared and used this model to constrain properties of datasets of young extragalactic super-star clusters. Other projects: Constraints on Initial Mass Function in young cluster NGC 1333 using Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS spectroscopic data Statistical constraints on the low-mass Initial Mass Function using a conglomerate of nearby young clusters.
    2000 - 2000
    Studied the properties of high temperature superconductors.
    Analysis of mobile device touchstream data; creation of metrics to understand user behavior and drive strategy; developed automated reporting routines
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    Data Analysis, Statistical Techniques, Imaging and Multi-Wavelength Spectroscopy, Numerical Methods, Python, SQL, IDL
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