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Julian Julian

  • Jill Kelly Productions,... - Film director, Marine, Personal trainer, United...
  • United States of America
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    Also known asJulian Rios, Julián Ríos, Julián Ruíz, James Julián Ríos, Julian Andretti, Jordan Rivers
    Date of birth12 October 1970
    Place of birthWest Covina
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    EthnicityWhite, Native Americans in the United States, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Lebanese people, Lebanese American
    ProfessionFilm director, Marine, Personal trainer, United States Marine Corps, Pornographic actor, Actor
  • Biography

    Julián Ríos or Julián Ruíz, most commonly known by the aliases Julian, Julian Andretti or Jordan Rivers is a male American pornographic actor. Raised in Covina, California, Julian's ethnic origin is Lebanese (Middle Eastern - Levant Arab) and...
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    • ex-Wife
      Jill Kelly
    • Wife
      Stacy Valentine
    • Wife
      Lanny Barbie
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