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    I have 20 years of Aerospace Structural Engineering experience and currently am owner of a small engineering company. Within the next five years I'd like to expand my company to include aerospace students as well as more experienced structural...
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  • Professional Experience
    1989 - 1995
    Senior Stress Engineer worked on a variety of Part 23 & 24 Aircraft, interior structures, structural modifications, thrust reverser installation
    FAA license to sign off structural engineering data for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft. Work involves repairs, alterations, supplementary type certifications for all aircraft structures including analysis & testing for: interior arrangements, damage tolerance analysis, static strength calculations, interior compliance walkthroughs, material processes, and fatigue.
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  • Educational Background
    2007 - 2007

    Completed yearly 2-day course required for Designated Engineering Representative (DER) license.

    2002 - 2002

    Instruction for Fatigue Crack Growth with a damage tolerance analysis emphasis using U.S. Air Force Crack Growth computer program, AFGROW.

    1996 - 1996

    Professional short course in fatigue analysis and fracture mechanics.

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  • Professional Skills
    FAA license to sign off all structural changes, damage tolerance analysis and complete interior aircraft compliance checklists.
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