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    Ladan Rahbary
    Ladan Rahbary
    Business Development Manager at AIT Publishing Group(Saudi Auto,OverDrive, Arabian Woman...
    United Arab Emirates
    LocalityUnited Arab Emirates
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    2008 - Present
    •Manage the Dubai office Publishing and advertising department•Responsible for 10 titles and their revenue across the middle east region•Maximize and increase the revenue of all 10 titles within the last 3 years by applying and implementing variety marketing and sales techniques•Organize meetings with new clients and potentials on daily basis and explore new opportunities constantly•Work closely with luxury, automotive, lifestyle and fashion clients across the GCC as well as advertising agencies•Launched 2 new magazines (one of them in the middle of recession) and developed them to an extremely successful reputable titles across the region with high profitability record•Participate and sponsor over 37 events across the GCC in the year 2010 which had the direct effect on increasing the brand awareness by 150%•Partnering with various TV channels to promote the titles extensively•Ensure the successful operation of the AIT Publishing Group and its achievement of the targets, budgets and contractual obligations.•Market and promote AIT Publishing Group’s 10 titles across the Middle East region.•Prepare monthly performance reports for the Publisher and keep him informed of business levels and trends, currant activities and forecasts of expected activity.•Oversee the production of the magazines from A to Z (after editorial to production) •Participate in Business structure planning.•Develop and oversee staff retention strategy•Direct and control the staff of the departments within the business division to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards•Develop and implement the department’s budget•Prepare necessary reports, studies and presentation•Create strong business relationship with clients and negotiate high level agreements with them
    2007 - 2008
    Business Development Manager, ITP- Spectrum, Dubai, U.A.E.•Work for the largest magazine publisher in the region and have the opportunity to manage and develop Spectrum print management solution from scratch across U.A.E and being the only company offering such solution in the region.•Set up meetings and represent the solution to the largest companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi , such as Dubai World Trade Centre, Hong Kong Style, Dubai TV, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, Dubal, Credit Suisse and so many others.•Create strong business relationship with over 30 well known and successful organizations in the region while selling and promoting the solution aggressively and proactively in the very competitive market and elaborating the advantages of this service to the clients in order to choose Spectrum /ITP as the solely print provider for their company.•Deal directly with over 17 largest suppliers across the U.A.E and making commercialized decision based on the potential of the client and the forecast of their growing existing account on the daily bases.•Manage every single client account from A to Z (representing the solution- providing legendary customer service to the clients and building a strong relationship with them-providing quotations and making commercialized. decision- negotiating with the suppliers on daily bases- account management-writing reports- being involved in production and operation- arranging and assuring that the product will reach the client on time and according to the schedule).•Be fully involved in the operation and production department for all the clients.
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