• Biography
    Lisa Skye Carle has worked in the field of Holistic Health since 1982. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from UC San Diego in 1988. Lisa holds California State approved advanced certifications in both Massage Therapy and Sexological...
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  • Professional Experience
    1990 - 2008
    Massage and Bodywork
    I provide sex and intimacy coaching to individuals, couples and groups. I am a trained sexologist who utilizes a body-based, somatic approach to sexual education and healing.
  • Educational Background
    2002 - 2004

    SciaticCare is a specialized somatic bodywork modality focused on healing spinal disc injuries and associated nerve pain.

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  • Professional Skills
    Arousal Mastery. Coaching for men, women and couples using body-based, mindfulness techniques and scientific research-based techniques to enhance and/or control sexual desire and arousal.
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