• Biography
    Objectives :
    - Developping effective practical side-channel attacks against crypto-chips.
    - Developping effective and low power wireless sensor networks.
    - Developping digitally controlled analog musical instruments (theremin, synthesizer).
  • Professional Experience
    2006 - Present
    Test boards for the electronic industry and university electronic labs. Boards for pedagogical projects in Museums. Design of the solution, potentially embedded. Sensors and chips first tests before implementation. Design and building of the hardware. Design of the embedded assembly language software for the µ-controller. Design of the software, on Labview or in C.
    2010 - 2010
    1/4 time for 16 y/o pupils.
    2003 - 2004
    Last year (18 y/o pupils).
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  • Professional Skills
    PCB, Embedded systems, Sensors, Microcontrollers, Assembling languages, Labview, Analog photography. Langagues : fluent in French, English, Spanish
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